Writing an eBook {Tip 4 of 30}


Writing is e-book is my favorite way to make money.  Why?  The money just keeps rollin’ in.   In all seriousness – it really is a great way to have some passive income.  I say passive income because although I worked at it at first, I don’t have to work at it anymore.   E-books are […]

Tracking Your Income {Tip 3 of 30}

track blogging income

As soon as you start making any sort of income, you want to start tracking it! Even if you don’t expect to be making very much money this year, you never know how much you might earn by the end of the year, especially if you stick around here! We want to help you make […]

Affiliate Marketing {Tip 2 of 30}

affiliate marketing tips

One of my absolute favorite strategies for blog monetization is affiliate marketing. This is such a key way to make money on your blog, because it will be around for a long time. Affiliate links create a passive income for your site. All you have to do is re-promote a post and you will likely see […]

Sponsored Posts {Tip 1 of 30}

5 tips for a great sponsored post

I know that many bloggers are hesitant to write their first sponsored post, but these sponsored post tips will help!   It can feel like you are doing a commercial or maybe you worry that you are going to clog up your feed with paid posts.  I am here to tell you that you can […]

B2B Welcome Launch!


Welcome to the wonderful world of Blogger to Business! Holly here!  Becky, Paula and I are excited to be joining forces to help you build better, stronger and more profitable blogs. Our goal is to help you dream big and then surpass those big dreams! We are working hard to create the tools you need to […]